Ellie Goulding is trying to persuade her meat-eating boyfriend to become a vegan.

The 'Love Me Like You Do' hitmaker eliminated animal flesh from her diet six years ago and she recently made the decision to take it one step further by ditching dairy too.

But, although her beau Caspar Jopling was willing to follow suit for one month, the 31-year-old singer hasn't managed to coax him into living the herbivore lifestyle completely and he still chows down on beef burgers, chicken and fish when they go out.

Speaking to thecut.com, she said: ''I'm trying to be a full vegan, I've been a vegetarian for six years. I was a vegetarian all the way through my teens as well. I'll definitely never eat fish or meat again ... My boyfriend is a huge carnivore. He comes from a farmer background but he stopped eating meat for a month. He said you really do feel better. Unfortunately, I haven't persuaded him to stay a vegetarian but he's very appreciative of it. We often go to a lot of veggie places. Tonight, we're going for an Impossible burger.''

However, although Ellie's vegan diet means she eats a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables when she's at home, the blonde beauty has admitted she struggles when they go for dinner because she usually ends up eating a plate of greasy fries and a side salad.

She said: ''I try to eat as healthy as possible when I can. When I am with my boyfriend, I love going for dinner with him to veggie restaurants or cooking him big hearty food like pasta. Sometimes we go to a meat restaurant and I end up just eating fries and a salad.''

Meanwhile, Ellie began dating Caspar - who was a former Team GB rower - at the beginning of last year when she split from her personal trainer boyfriend Bobby Rich.

And their relationship got pretty serious fairly quickly as she willingly moved over to New York at the end of 2017 in order to spend as much time with the art dealer as possible.

A source said recently: ''Any free time she has is mainly spent in New York and it really helps that she loves spending time there. She hasn't moved over full-time as she still has her pad in London but who knows what the future holds?''