British pop star Ellie Goulding will be showing her charitable side on Christmas Eve (24Dec14) by handing out hot meals at a local homeless shelter.

The Burn hitmaker, who performed in the U.K. capital on Tuesday (16Dec14) to raise money for the Streets of London charity, which supports the homeless, cannot bear the thought of sleeping rough over the festive period.

She is determined to help spread a bit of holiday cheer this Christmas so she is joining a charity near her London home to volunteer for their food bank.

Goulding tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "I'm volunteering all day at a shelter. I've done it for a few years. It's fun and part of the reason I run my gigs... It's not just people who are homeless in the shelters but also those who are lonely and don't have someone to spend the time with. I was chatting to a guy last year who was a musician from Africa who had found himself homeless. The thought of someone not having a Christmas... It's so scary because it happens so quickly and to anyone. It could be any of us."