British pop star Ellie Goulding stopped her gig in the U.K. on Tuesday night (08Jul14) to break up a fight between a group of girls.

The Burn hitmaker was performing at the Eden Project venue in Cornwall, England when the drama unfolded during a rendition of her song Anything Can Happen.

Reports suggest a number of female audience members began brawling and hurling bottles, and Goulding stopped the show to chastise them.

The singer is quoted by as telling the unruly gig-goers, "Girls, what's up? That song is meant to be happiness, not fights... No drink throwing. It's not nice. It's really annoying and it's bl**dy sticky."

Other audience members began booing those involved in the incident, prompting Goulding to retort "Stop boos. Booing isn't nice." She later added, "It's quite a laddish crowd tonight, fights breaking out, drinks spilling."