Ellie Goulding wants to show the ''desperation of unrequited love'' in her new video.

The 25-year-old singer wanted a performance-driven clip to showcase her latest single 'Figure 8', but thinks the track still has ''hopeful'' elements to it as well.

She said: ''I kind of just wanted to put into one video the desperation of unrequited love; I didn't want to do anything that conceptual, I just wanted to do something just, you now, very performance [driven] and try to get across as much as possible how horrible, how heartbreaking, how desperate and hopeless it is.

''But there's also a bit in it where I say 'lovers hold on,' so there's a little hopeful element to it as well.''

Despite previously splitting with Skrillex after a year of dating, Ellie - who recorded 'Bittersweet' for the 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II' soundtrack with him - plans to work with the producer again in the future.

She added to MTV News: ''I think we'd like to do some more stuff together, if we get a chance.

''We're both still big fans of each other, and nothing changes that, so, if we get a chance, we will.''