Ellie Goulding's wedding is ''soon''.

The 'Love Me Like You Do' hitmaker is set to tie the knot with Caspar Jopling this summer, and has said they're ''quite far down the line'' when it comes to planning, and are now at the point of no return when it comes to the decisions they've made for their big day.

She said: ''The wedding is soon, we're quite far down the line with the planning, we can't really change anything now. It's a first for me, I've never planned a wedding, it's all new territory for me.''

Ellie, 32, is having a large scale ceremony, and is pleased she has wedding planners helping her put everything in place, because she doesn't think she'd have managed by herself.

She added: ''I have someone helping me, thank goodness. If it was just me planning it then it would be a very small thing with just me and him and just a few other people. But it's actually not a small thing so thankfully I've got somebody to help me.''

And the star isn't planning on making any more changes to her plans, because she's away on tour and won't be finishing up her shows until the special day.

The 'Burn' singer said: ''I'm away on tour now until the date. I'm just going to roll up to my wedding. I haven't been to the venue since I first saw it which was like a year ago, but I vaguely know what it's going to look like.''

Ellie won't be slowing down her career at all after becoming Mrs. Jopling, and says she's already discussed her tour plans with Caspar.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday newspaper, she said: ''I'll be married but I'll be away a lot, but he totally gets it. He's actually starting college, he's already been to college but he's starting a post-grad thing, he'll be studying so he won't be coming out with me. We keep things very separate and that's the way we like it.''