Ellie Goulding has given up drinking - to save her voice.

The singer suffers from acid reflux and the condition was damaging her vocal cords putting her pop career in jeopardy.

Ellie decided to visit specialist Scott Kessler who has advised her to ditch drink to keep her acid levels down.

She said: "I've given up drinking on the advice of a vocal doctor I saw recently In America. He's advised Madonna, Mariah Carey, Jon Bon Jovi - you name them he's sorted them out. No more acid reflux for me!"

The 23-year-old pop star is also not allowed to eat chewing gum, smoke or eat spicy foods such as curries.

Ellie's new healthy regime doesn't just apply to her voice she has also taken up running to keep fit and has revealed the exercise gives her a buzz.

She explained: "The thrill of running is purely physical. I could tell you it's a spiritual high but that would be a lie. I'm an endorphin addict. I love the idea of my body being how it should be - in shape and active, able to deliver. The more I train and see muscle definition, the more inspired I am to push myself harder."