The British singer was nominated for several prizes and also performed during the ceremony in Milan, Italy in October (15), and she stunned fans by showing off a bright yellow hairstyle.

Ellie has now admitted the colour was a mistake, and producers in charge of the event were furious with her.

"The hair dye actually went wrong," she tells Britain's You magazine. "I loved it because I thought it was bada** but the producers hated it because it messed with the lighting and I was asked to re-dye it about an hour before the show. I couldn't do it, there was no time, so I had to tie it back on stage."

The singer goes on to reveal she was left in tears following the subsequent backlash.

"As I was performing, I could see these blank faces and no one said anything to me when I came off..." she adds. "And of course I then looked on Twitter and all I saw was a load of negative stuff and I got completely overwhelmed and was in tears. I know I've got to get tougher. Things aren't always how they look on the outside. I was a total mess."

The night was an emotional one for Ellie as she also lost out on the two prizes she was nominated for - Taylor Swift took the Best Song trophy for Bad Blood and Rihanna was named Best Female Artist.

Ellie has indulged her love of fashion and beauty by launching her own collection with MAC Cosmetics, putting together a range which includes mascara, false eyelashes, lipsticks, glosses, and eye and cheek compacts.

"I have so much make-up, but I still buy something new almost every day," she previously told InStyle magazine about her love of changing her look. "I always carry a Chanel blusher, Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb perfume and some eyelash curlers, which never fail to brighten up my eyes without me needing to add any mascara."