Ellie Goulding is too attached to 'Halcyon' to make a new album.

The 'Burn' singer has no plans to start work on her third record because she still feels like she hasn't exhausted her 2012 record 'Halcyon'.

She told Radio.com: ''I feel like it's going to come together so much more when I find the right producer I can spend some time with and experiment with. But my instincts are telling me I'm not ready to start properly.

''I've been so horrendously busy with 'Halcyon' and I'm still very committed to it and attached to it and I feel like I'm not quite ready to move on to something, a new chapter.''

Ellie also touched upon her experiences as a female artist and lamented the way her clothes and hairstyle get more attention than her voice.

She added: ''My make-up and my hair and my clothes get talked about, sometimes more than my performances and I can imagine that guys wouldn't get that kind of scrutiny.

''Like when I came back with 'Halcyon' and my first performance, the thing that was focused on was that I had my hair in cornrows. No one talked about my performance, which I felt was pretty big.''

While her iPod is mostly filled with house music and edgy bands and songwriters, Ellie confessed she has a weakness for Katy Perry's empowering brand of female pop.

Asked what the best female pop song is in the charts, Ellie said: ''It's got to be 'Roar'. I think that's the most empowering song out there right now. Even though I try so hard for it to not be in my head, it is, every single day.''