Ellie Goulding forgets about everything when she performs.

The 'Army' hitmaker likes hitting the stage as it gives her time to reflect and stop worrying about the state of the world.

Speaking in a video to promote her autumn/winter Star Collection shoe range for Deichmann, she said: ''It was definitely poignant last year when I did Glastonbury and it was a very heated time with politics, with Brexit and everything - it's the one place people can go to forget about all of that and I forget about it as well, which is great.''

It comes after the 30-year-old singer admitted she feels she should give herself more credit for being a female artist headlining the main stage at festivals.

She shared: ''Still so proud as a female artist to be headlining and playing festivals around the world every single year. Thank you for continually believing in me. It always feels like a triumph to win so many people over who were waiting for a band. Need to give myself credit sometimes as I've been doing this nonstop for over seven years. I don't see many females at these festivals.''

Meanwhile, Ellie previously admitted she was ''afraid of letting everyone down'' when she first became a singer.

She said: ''My life completely changed when my career started taking off in 2010. I was thrilled, of course - sharing my music with the world was a dream I'd been working toward for years -but it was a lot all at once. Suddenly, I was living alone in London and everything was happening so fast.

''I started having panic attacks, and the scariest part was it could be triggered by anything. I used to cover my face with a pillow whenever I had to walk outside from the car to the studio. My new life as a pop star certainly wasn't as glamorous as all my friends from home thought. Secretly, I was really struggling physically and emotionally.

''I think part of what sparked my panic attacks was not feeling confident enough to believe in myself - I was scared I wasn't as good of a singer as everyone thought I was. And as the stakes grew, I was afraid of letting everyone, including myself, down.''