Ellie Goulding doesn't want to be thin and instead exercises so she can be ''fit and strong''.

The 'Burn' hitmaker - who is currently dating McFly's bass player Dougie Poynter - insists her motivation to work out has always been health related never to look good in clothes.

She told Style magazine: ''I don't exercise to be thin. For me, the appeal has always been to be really fit and strong. I think a pair of powerful legs on a girl, or a bigger bum from doing squats, is so sexy.''

The 27-year-old singer - who showed off her bikini body on a recent trip to Ibiza with her pop star boyfriend - also revealed she suffered from confidence issues and severe panic attacks when she was younger.

She previously said: ''I was torn between that really simple life and this life of madness. My brain was getting all these crazy signals, and I'd have these faux heart attacks that felt real.

''On my way to the studio, I'd have to cover my face in the car with a pillow. I couldn't shop, couldn't go outside, couldn't see people, because there were just so many triggers.

''And I didn't want to tell anyone, because I just felt so stupid. I never wanted people to see me as weak.''

Ellie has since had therapy and medication, which has helped her overcome the frequent panic attacks.

She said: ''I went to see an amazing woman to have CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) [and] with the help of things like Diazepam in small doses to relax me at certain times, the attacks slowly stopped and now I'm through it.''