Earlier this year (16) the British singer asked for a meeting with David to discuss her work with the Marylebone Project, a centre for women who have fallen on hard times in London.

According to Ellie, the political leader said no to her invitation to meet, and as a result turned his head at a recent event they both attended. The singer tells Britain's Guardian newspaper, "He saw me, but looked away."

In February the Army singer told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper she felt snubbed by the leader of the Conservative Party after she and the chief executive of the Marylebone Project, Mark Russell, received a generic letter in response declining the invitation.

"We genuinely just wanted a chat to see what his view was on it. We're not trying to confront him," she said. "Mark reached out to talk about the recent housing bills and received one of those standard letters, so I don't know whether he even saw it or not.

"I can't say at this point that he's not interested, as I don't know if that's the case. It might be that he's looking for an opportunity to do something."

Ellie became a patron of the women's centre in December last year (15) and is a strong advocate for its work helping women needing shelter and support.

"This amazing place serves hundreds of homeless women every week and helps them make a fresh start," she enthused of the centre. "I love how the project empowers women to make the changes to transform their own lives. I saw this for myself when I visited a few weeks ago and was inspired by the stories of the women I met."

Ellie also volunteered at the centre over last year's Christmas period.