Hotly-tipped comedy Juno added to its burgeoning reputation by racing up the US box office charts to third spot.

Though it was held off the top by National Treasure: Book of Secrets and I Am Legend, Jason Reitman's tale of a pregnant teen has built on several award nominations to rise from a debut in tenth position.

Notorious blogger Diablo Cody was awarded with the best writer prize at last night's Critics' Choice awards and young star Ellen Page is rumoured to follow her best actress in a comedy or musical nomination for Sunday's Golden Globes with a best actress nod at the Oscars.

However Juno was unable to take second spot from Will Smith actioner I Am Legend which took just $100,000 (£50,590) more.

Nicolas Cage's Disney thriller National Treasure: Book of Secrets retained pole position for the third week running, with US audiences still enchanted by its adventurous tale of a mystery surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Horror remake One Missed Call held fifth position with $13 million (£6.8 million) while political satire Charlie Wilson's War came in sixth with $8.1 million in box office receipts (£4.09 million).

Awards favourite Atonement rounded off the top ten with $5.1 million (£2.57 million) in ticket sales across the US and Canada.

The top ten movies in the US are:

1 National Treasure: Book of Secrets - $20.2 million (£10.2 million)
2 I Am Legend - $16.4 million (£8.3 million)
3 Juno - $16.2 million (£8.2 million)
4 Alvin and the Chipmunks - $16 million (£8.1 million)
5 One Missed Call - $13 million (£6.8 million)
6 Charlie Wilson's War - $8.1 million (£4.09 million)
7 PS I Love You - $8 million (£4.04 million)
8 The Water Horse - $6.3 million (£3.18 million)
9 Sweeney Todd - $5.4 million (£2.7 million)
10 Atonement - $5.1 million (£2.57 million)

08/01/2008 11:18:08