Ellen Page has called the sexual abuse allegations against 'X-Men' director Bryan Singer ''super disturbing.''

The actress, who stars in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past', has spoken out about Bryan's ordeal, after two men accused him of abuse when they were teenagers.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the star called the claims ''super, super disturbing'' and said: ''I guess the truth will come out in the way that it does, but it's hard to hear about someone being in that situation, someone you like working with.''

But whatever happens in the case, she said: ''I do think that there's a systematic issue of people in places of power manipulating and abusing young people.''

Bryan, 48, was hit with a second sexual abuse lawsuit this month after a man accused him of allegedly abusing him at a London hotel with Broadway producer Gary Goddard when he was just 17.

The unnamed man's lawyer, Jeff Herman, claims that his client, now in his 20s, had decided to take legal action after reading Michael F. Egan's similar claims last month.

The 31 year old recently alleged he had been made to perform sex acts on the filmmaker at the age of 15 during a Californian house party after being plied with drugs and alcohol.

Bryan and his attorney, Marty Singer, who is no relation to him, vehemently deny the accusations and say they have proof the Hollywood star wasn't present when Egan claims he was abused.

Gary's legal representatives also strenuously deny the claims, insisting they are ''totally untrue''.