Comedienne Ellen Degeneres has helped Katy Perry live out her dream of becoming a game show host by inviting the singer to dress up in drag and play the role on her U.S. talk show.

Perry, wearing a checked suit, bow tie and a fake moustache, showed off her quirky dance moves as she made her big entrance, joking that she "asked for the Anne Hathaway" as she motioned to her pixie cut-hairstyle.

Introducing the segment, the I Kissed A Girl hitmaker said, "I'm so happy to be the host of everyone's favourite party game, Grab Ellen's Bust!", before calling on two members of the studio audience to join her on stage and take part in the quiz.

All questions were about the host in honour of her 55th birthday, which she will celebrate on Saturday (26Jan13), and the winner of the contest scored a free holiday to Australia, while the runner-up walked away with a $1,000 (£625) gift card.

DeGeneres' birthday episode is due to air on Friday (25Jan13).