Ellen Degeneres has offered to help save a puppy, mistreated by its owner.

The chat show host, who is a well known animal lover, reached out to the Los Angeles Police Department this week asking if there was anything she could to do help save the three-month-old French Bulldog, who was allegedly kicked and swung around by its leash.

A law enforcement source told gossip website TMZ.com that the dog was rescued by police last weekend after they arrested its male owner.

An eyewitness reported seeing the man slamming the dog onto a sidewalk, dragging and kicking him, and then swinging him by his leash like a yo-yo.

The police insider said that Ellen contacted them to get an update on the puppy's condition and make sure that it goes to a good home.

A spokesperson for the 55-year-old star, who is married to actress Portia de Rossi, has yet to comment on whether she is interested in adopting the dog, who is currently staying at an animal shelter.

Ellen previously adopted a dog, called Iggy, from a rescue shelter in 2007, but was forced to find it another home because it did not mix well with her cats.

The shelter then intervened and moved the dog to a new home of their choice, causing the comedian huge distress.