Hillary looks set to take on the controversial billionaire turned politician in November's U.S. presidential election, and the chat show host believes that Donald being elected to The White House would be a disaster for her homeland.

"She must (be President) because the alternative would be a nightmare," the funnywoman said on British TV show Lorraine on Tuesday (12Jul16). "We must have Hillary as president or we're all in big trouble."

Since launching his campaign to become the U.S. Republican Party's candidate for president last June (15), Donald has been rarely out of the headlines due to a string of controversial policy proposals and remarks, including calling Mexican immigrants "rapists" and proposing banning all foreign born Muslims from entering the U.S.

Ellen believes Hillary, the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee, has built up the experience necessary to become America's first female president over a career which has seen her serve as a Senator and as U.S. Secretary of State. She also served as First Lady during her husband Bill Clinton's presidency.

"I don't know why gender has to play a part in any type of any position," she adds. "If you're qualified you should have the job. I don't know why someone thinks a woman can't handle that position of power because she (Hillary Clinton) certainly has the experience, she's been in the White House with her husband Bill and he's pretty smart."

Hillary seemed to get on well with Ellen when she appeared on her show in May (16), as the politician jokingly offered her host the job of U.S. vice president.

The pair mooted Beyonce, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio as celebrity candidates for the job, before she settled on Ellen, telling her host, "I know that you have a lot to contribute, and I would make you really be in charge of returning kindness to America, something that you care a lot about."

Ellen was on Lorraine promoting her new film Finding Dory, in which she voices the title character. The movie will be released in the U.K. on 29 July (16). It has already made more than $420 million (£319 million) in ticket sales in the U.S., where it debuted last month (Jun16).