Ellen Degeneres feels ''more comfortable'' dressing in a masculine way.

The 59-year-old American television presenter is often spotted wearing a bomber jacket with a pair of smart trousers with a pair of trainers, but the 'Finding Dory' actress believes her androgynous style has massively improved over the years and she feels at ease sporting the garments she wants to wear.

Speaking to Footwear News about her style and how it has evolved over time, she said: ''If you've seen me in the 1970s and '80s, you'll agree with me that my style has gotten better. But also that's more confidence too. I got more comfortable in dressing in the way I want to dress instead of what I think I'm supposed to dress like. That's what is great about fashion. It should be your own unique, individual expression.

''I had a way of dressing that isn't the way most women were dressing.''

And the 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' host has hinted she believes she has encouraged other women to emulate her fashion choices.

She explained: ''I started seeing women come to the show attempting to dress like me. I would see versions of myself in the audience, and I thought, 'There's a market here.'''

Meanwhile, Ellen - who married Portia de Rossi in 2008 - has claimed she has lived a ''more peaceful life'' since she opened up about her sexuality.

She said: ''I'm proud that [the coming-out moment] helped other people. More than anything, it just made me live a more peaceful life.''