Her new film, Finding Dory, comes 13 years after the original, which helped turn DeGeneres into an international star, and now she admits she feared her voice would change with age - and she'd no longer sound like the forgetful fish in the animated classic.

"I was worried my voice would start changing, and I couldn't be Dory anymore," she told news show Entertainment Tonight. "So, I'm hoping my voice doesn't change too much more if we do another sequel to this!"

She needn't have worried because Dory sounds exactly like she did when Finding Nemo came out in 2003, and Ellen admits she was stunned when filmmakers revealed her beloved character would be the focus of the new film, which hits cinemas in America next week (17Jun16) before reaching theatres around the world.

"I was campaigning for a sequel to Finding Nemo but I didn't think it would be Finding Dory," the 58-year-old talk show host chuckled. "So, that was a surprise."

The upcoming film also features new characters voiced by Modern Family stars Ty Burrell and Ed O'Neill, Idris Elba, Diane Keaton, Dominic West, and Eugene Levy, while Albert Brooks reprises his role as Marlin from Finding Nemo.

One actor who won't be watching the new film with glee is Welsh star Michael Sheen, who has learned his role has been cut.

The Frost/Nixon star recently confirmed the career blow during an appearance on Magic Radio, stating, "I was very sad. I was such a fan of Finding Nemo, but that's the way it goes, especially with animated films, you never know what's going to make it to the final cut.

"It's always a good thing to remember - you can always end up on the cutting room floor."