Comedienne Ellen Degeneres attempted to take Oklahoma politician SALLY KEARN to task for outrageous public comments she made about homosexuals - only to find the state representative wasn't answering calls. Kearn was caught on tape telling Oklahomans that homosexuality "is the death knell in this country", and adding, "I honestly think it's the biggest threat... even more so than terrorism or Islam." She also claimed that teachers are trying to indoctrinate children and teach them that the homosexual lifestyle is "an acceptable lifestyle". The tape made its way onto, prompting a public outcry - and it was clear that openly gay DeGeneres was appalled when she played a segment on her TV show on Wednesday (12Mar08). The stunned talk show host sat silent and still after playing Kearn's comments, before stating, "OK, I feel like there's some misinformation going on here. I think I need to call her... She's clearly just mistaken." DeGeneres phoned Kearns live during her show and reached a voicemail, but when she tried to leave a message, it was revealed the answering machine was full. The indignant host said, "I bet," before leaving her own message via her TV show. DeGeneres said, "Hi, it's Ellen DeGeneres, the gay one... I just wanna talk to you... I feel I could clear some things up."