The pet at the centre of U.S. chat show host Ellen Degeneres' recent pooch controversy has topped a new list of top dogs. Little Iggy hit the headlines in September (07) after DeGeneres broke down on her TV show while telling viewers about the rescue dog she adopted and had to give away to a friend. As the comedienne broke the terms of her adoption contract by giving the pooch away, Iggy was reclaimed by the shelter bosses who handed him over to DeGeneres. The controversy has now earned Iggy, a five-month-old Affenpinscher mix, a place at the top of In Touch Weekly magazine's new Most Famous Dogs in Hollywood list. The top five is: 1. Iggy 2. Jessica Simpson's Daisy 3. Mariah Carey's Jack 4. Tori Spelling's Mimi 5. Jennifer Aniston's Norman.