LATEST: Ellen Degeneres gave a pet dog away to a member of her staff two years before her recent pooch scandal, according to reports. The talk show host and her partner Portia de Rossi came under fire by the Mutts And Moms agency after handing over custody of the Brussels Griffon mix to DeGeneres' hairdresser after it fought with her cats. Now dog owner Kerri Randles claims she gave DeGeneres a pooch named Stormy two years ago (05), only to find out she had given it away two months later. She tells New York gossip column PageSix, "She may have had it for much less time than that. I only say two months because that's when I called to check on the dog and found out she no longer had it. "She acted like she was keeping it for life. I was totally shocked. I thought she was out of her mind."