LATEST: Ellen Degeneres is refusing to show remorse after turning animal lovers against a dog shelter owner, who took back a pet she adopted - and found a new home for it. Shelter owner Marina Batkis has received death and legal threats after DeGeneres broke down on her daily chat show on Tuesday (16Oct07), while explaining how terrible she felt after a contractual blunder robbed a loving family of its pet. DeGeneres' partner Portia De Rossi signed for the pooch, Iggy, insisting she'd abide by the Mutts + Moms pound's rules of dog ownership - and that meant the couple couldn't give their pet to another family if things didn't work out. Little Iggy proved to be too much of a handful for DeGeneres and so she gave the pup to her stylist, thus breaking the rules. Batkis insisted the dog had to be returned to the pound because she hadn't personally vetted Iggy's new home, breaking the hearts of Ellen and her stylist's family. DeGeneres has since accepted she made an error in judgment - by simply handing over the dog - but she has no sympathy for Batkis, especially after learning the pound owner has already found little Iggy a new home. DeGeneres says, "The statement was, `Finally, it's in a safe home,' which is an unbelievable statement. I mean, the whole situation is surreal. I can't even begin to tell you the disbelief." And speaking on Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest's morning show on Wednesday (16Oct07), the comedienne/chat show host insisted she plans to fight on: "I want Iggy's health and safety, number one. I would like Iggy to come back to that family, because I gave Iggy to that family, and that family has now had their hearts broken, and I feel responsible."