U.S. TV host Ellen Degeneres had to hold back tears on her daytime show on Wednesday (02Apr08) when model/actress Jenny McCarthy told her a fish tale about her autistic son EVAN. MCCarthy told the host she was stunned when her boy likened himself to DeGeneres' Finding Nemo character Dory during a car trip. The former Playboy pin-up said, "Evan has come such a long way. That kid has come such a long way to get to where he is. "He said, 'Mom, you know I used to be a lot like Dory.' I literally pulled over and looked and turned around and I started crying, because of what he meant. "He said, 'Dory had a really hard time remembering her words and I couldn't remember them...' We sat on the side of the road for about 15 minutes while I cried. "He said, 'I'm not like Dory anymore, I can remember.'" DeGeneres was touched by the story, telling her guest, "I'm gonna cry right now... That's incredible." DeGeneres then offered to call MCCarthy's son as his favourite cartoon character.