Ellen Degeneres' wife Portia De Rossi is set to lift the lid on her private life with a tell-all book - which will include her struggles with her sexuality and harrowing details of her battle with anorexia.
The Australian actress, who was born Amanda Lee Rogers, has signed a deal to publish her memoirs which will detail her early years as she came to terms with her sexual orientation, and her public 'outing' while she was starring in hit sitcom Ally MCBeal.
The 37 year old has previously admitted keeping her sexuality secret from her co-workers until pictures of the star with her ex-girlfriend, singer Francesca Gregorini, emerged in the press.
The book will also chronicle De Rossi's long battle with eating disorders.
She tells The Advocate magazine, "I'm writing a book. It'll be published in the fall, so... I have to be done with it before then. It will deal with all the secrets that nearly killed me. Nobody can really get inside the anorexic's mind like the anorexic."
And De Rossi admits DeGeneres, who she married in 2008, encouraged her to put pen to paper.
She adds, "My mother thought I would be a writer. When I started writing little notes to Ellen, she said, 'You should be a writer.' Which is very encouraging and very sweet."