A con artist has cashed in on U.S. comedienne Ellen Degeneres' wedding news by setting up a hoax gift registry at top store Crate + Barrel.
DeGeneres revealed her plans to wed partner Portia De Rossi during her daytime show on Thursday (15May08) - a day after samesex marriages were declared legal in California.
The comic joked that the couple's gift list would be with Crate + Barrel and one hoaxer chose to use the line to deceive gullible fans.
She says, "I was joking when I released a statement saying we registered at Crate + Barrel.
"Some scam artist tried to take advantage of that and register and said the gifts are going to be sent to me and some people started already buying gifts... and sending (them to) this person."
DeGeneres insists she and De Rossi do not want wedding gifts.