Sexy movie icon Ellen Barkin has added a no-nudity clause to her film contract because she doesn't want to embarrass her children.

The 50-year-old pin-up accepts her body doesn't look like it used to and she no longer wants to show it off on a big screen.

She says, "First of all, my children would move out and never speak to me again (and) it wouldn't really go over well with my husband.

"Even if I were single and didn't have children, I would say, 'It is not the time.' Maybe if I had never done it as a younger actress, I would say, 'Let me see what this feels like. Is it freeing?' I just find it unseemly."

But Barkin insists she isn't afraid to show off her body on the beach: "I still wear a bikini. I don't always have on the top of my bikini on. I have no problems with being 50 and scantily clad appropriately, but I won't go out in a dress over my knee anymore. It is over."

01/04/2005 02:34