Actress Ellen Barkin stunned Maggie Gyllenhaal by behaving coldly to her on her birthday, but her attitude soon changed when the SECRETARY star spat at her. The younger actress admits Barkin was decidedly cool towards her when they met for the first time in a make-up trailer on the set of new film TRUST THE MAN, and she feared the Sea Of Love star was out to ruin her happy day. Gyllenhaal explains, "When I first met her that day she was very tough. I walked into the make-up trailer and it was my birthday and I was so happy and she was not very interested in me at first. "She's very regal and she was definitely playing that up and I was a little scared of her. She barely acknowledged me and I felt so disappointed." But then a scene which called for Gyllenhaal to spit water in Barkin's face proved to be the turning point in their friendship. She adds, "I kind of half spat the water at her and the director (Bart Freundlich) came in and said, `I think you should really spit at her.' I did and she turned into another person. "Afterwards, she completely opened up and started laughing and became the Ellen that I now know. She let her guard down and then I got to see a little crack of how warm she is. "I spat on her four more times and she ended up being great - like she needed me to spit on her or something."