Ellen Barkin refuses to follow British actress Helen Mirren's example and remove her clothes on screen - because it would be too embarrassing for her family.

Barkin, who turned 50 earlier this year (04), has previously derobed in films including 1989's Sea Of Love, but will never strip onscreen again as it would be undignified for a woman her age.

And Barkin claims the only reason Mirren is able to get away with it is because she works in European films, and is therefore not restrained by Hollywood's stricter nudity standards.

She says, "I certainly will not do anything sexual. I find it personally unseemly as a grown-up. I think that there is a time and place for everything in your life."

When talking about Mirren, who most recently removed her clothes in last year's (03) Calendar Girls, Barkin adds, "I just could not do that to my family, to tell you the truth. I just could not do it.

"If I had desperately felt this need to keep acting and keep make believing that I was a movie star like I see actresses my age still do, I mean, it's sad.

"Look, Helen Mirren, is a European actress. She does extraordinary work. She has unbelievable scripts offered to her. She's not in the Hollywood system. So it's a different thing."

20/09/2004 14:06