Actress Ellen Barkin urges parents to get their children involved with local charities at Christmas - because the gift of yourself is the best you can give. The Sea Of Love star admits she has always been a big fan of giving time to causes at Christmas and she does her best to encourage her own children to get involved. She says, "My children have two parents who, I guess, really do care about the world and hopefully they will see that and bring that into their own lives. "You can go to a soup kitchen, do anything you can. There are places all over this country. You just pick up the phone and say, 'How can I help?' and you'll get an answer. "I tell that to my kids. I say, 'Pick up the phone and call City Meals on Wheels if that's what you're interested in.' They'll put you to work. "People don't do enough of that. I think we can all help and a little bit does go a long way."