Hollywood actress Ellen Barkin has expressed her disdain for BIRKENSTOCKS - and is attempting to wean stars such as her friend Julianne Moore off the fashionable sandals.

THE BIG EASY star, 51, even sends the flame-haired beauty snaps from newspapers when the paparazzi have caught Moore in the unglamorous footwear, but her desperate bid to make her pal see sense appears to be in vain.

She says, "Birkenstocks are not really my style. My best friend is a Birkenstock-wearer - the brilliant actress Julianne Moore - and everywhere I go I send her some glammed-up Birkenstocks because it troubles me so much.

"I see pictures of her wearing them in the newspaper and I say, 'Do you see what you look like with your Birkenstocks? Big movie star?"

13/05/2005 19:26