Sexy actress Ellen Barkin would prefer to bed a suitor than dine with him - because she doesn't like to waste time. The Sea of Love star admits she would spend too much time thinking about making love with the 'stranger' across the table during a good meal - and it would make more sense to cut out the pleasantries and just have sex. Barkin tells More magazine, "You think, 'Why am I here?' And, if it's a great dinner, 'Why are we having dinner? Why don't we just go home?' I mean, isn't that the more important connection? "Like, 'Why are we eating dinner in a restaurant? Let's see first if the sex thing works, and then we could have dinner.'" Barkin admits she's not even fond of dining out with friends because she'd much prefer to eat with her kids by ex-husband Gabriel Byrne. She adds, "I don't go to dinner with a girlfriend. I'd rather talk on the phone for two hours and just have dinner at home with my kids. I don't want to go sit in a restaurant; you need to wash your hair. "Plus, I went out every night in my twenties. I think everyone in their twenties should be out every night of their lives."