Movie star Ellen Barkin has sworn off undergoing cosmetic surgery because she thinks friends who've gone under the knife are living proof it doesn't always make you look better.

The 50-year-old mother-of-two admits she's often left speechless when pals boast about their nip and tucks - because they look terrible.

She says, "I think face lifts make you look older not younger.... When I look around me it is not as if I am looking at women my age who have had plastic surgery and saying, 'Oh, see, now that is fabulous. That is an ad for plastic surgery.'

"You look at them and think either they look crazy or awful.

"For some of them, I will say, 'Oh, wow! That looks like a beautiful woman (but) it just doesn't look like the same beautiful woman."

THE BIG EASY star admits she often feels the pressure of having to look young in Hollywood, but she hopes she doesn't feel the need to turn to surgery to help her out.

She adds, "All of a sudden attention is drawn to, 'Oh you need a face lift.' I hope that I don't buckle under it."

31/03/2005 21:25