Supermodel Elle Macpherson has hit out at the common conception that models are stupid - insisting most of them are just young and naive.

The gorgeous Australian has made her mark on the world for more than just her looks - she's a keen businesswoman, a devoted mother and even turned a respectable hand to acting with films like Sirens.

And, Elle says, she's not the only intelligent woman in the business.

She says, "I think girls in the modelling industry have always got a bad rap in the sense that they start working when they're just 16 years old and what you're seeing is often just youth.

"A lot of girls in the industry speak three or four languages, they've travelled the world, they've been exposed to things one would never see if one just stayed at home in a small town.

"If you're interested, you can educate yourself very easily in this business."

28/05/2003 21:22