Elle Macpherson fired her business adviser after believing that she leaked secrets about her - little did the Australian model know that journalists were actually hacking into her phone line to get gossip about the star, according to the woman in question, Mary-Ellen Field. The admission comes as the British enquiry into media ethics gathers pace, with the likes of actor Hugh Grant and comedian Steve Coogan also being questioned.
Field spoke of the affect that the sacking had on her, reports The Associated Press, saying "It had a very serious effect, I had become ill and was falling down all the time." Field had been close to MacPherson, the enquiry heard, but after stories about her employer started surfacing in newspapers, she was ordered to go to rehab, with the star convinced she was an alcoholic who'd been telling stories; with a disabled child to look after the adviser had no choice but to go along with it as her job was at stake. Now Field hasn't heard from the Australian in years, despite it coming to light that the stories had come about as a result of phone hacking.
In a case that's set to run and run, others being questioned included former soccer player Garry Flitcroft - who tried to pass a court injunction blocking talk of an alleged affair - and Margaret Watson, whose daughter was stabbed to death at her Scottish school.