Elle Macpherson washes her underwear with shampoo.

The 52-year-old model-turned-lingerie designer would ''die of embarrassment'' if she put her bras and briefs into hotel laundry, so if she's away from home, she cleans them with her toiletries in her bathroom.

She said: ''Put my underwear in the hotel laundry? I'd die of embarrassment.

''I don't want to spend the money either.

''I rinse it out every day in the shower with some gentle body wash or shampoo.

''At home I put it all in a lingerie bag on a gentle programme.''

Elle's latest collection, Elle Macpherson Body, is more understated than some of her previous efforts and she thinks it proves there are ''subtle'' ways to be sexy.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I wanted to do bras that work under T-shirts, that feel appropriate with a school uniform.

''Personally, I feel I have to try less hard in many ways now to be seductive and I want to reflect the more understated perspective in the collection.''

But the Australian beauty still wants to look good for her husband, Jeff Soffer.

She said: ''I still want my husband to think I look hot. I still worry about fat squidging out over the back of my bra, and side-boob...''

Every piece in the collection is initially fitted on Elle and then sized up or down and she is proud to use ''traditional'' techniques when it comes to manufacturing her products.

She said: ''I come from old-school corsetry.

''I know how to make what's called a cut-and-sew bra, and although there's a lot of new technology that makes lingerie much easier to produce, nothing beats knowing the traditional techniques.''