Elle Macpherson was ''quite uncomfortable in front of the camera'' in her younger years.

The Australian supermodel admits she was very ''self-conscious'' when she was growing up but is much more confident now.

She said: ''I was quite uncomfortable in front of the camera for many years. I can see it when I look at my younger pictures, that 'I'm so self-conscious, I can't even look in the camera because I'm afraid you'll see me, and I'm afraid I'm not good enough' look. Actually, I'm much more confident now than I've ever been.''

And the 54-year-old model thinks ''less is more'' when it comes to make up now and she doesn't use foundation.

She added: ''I think less is more anyway, and particularly as you mature. I can't wear foundation now without it really accentuating a whole bunch of stuff I don't want it to accentuate. I wear a little bit of RMS's organic concealer under my eyes or on any blemishes or freckles, and then a tiny little bit of translucent powder if I need it. I use Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003 Illuminator - it's just a sheer shine, so it brings out my bone structure - on my eyes and lips. If I need a little contouring or some glow, I'll use the big Chanel bronzer.''

In fact, Elle thinks the best thing for the immune system is vitamin D.

She told the summer issue of New Beauty magazine: ''Forget about the look of a tan - the immune system is very much boosted by sunshine. I try to lie outside for 20 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon. I close my eyes and raise my face to the sun so that the pineal gland in the front of my head is toward the sun. That just works wonders for your immune system. I live in the sun.''