Elle Macpherson used to function on four hours sleep a night.

The 54-year-old model decided to overhaul her diet and lifestyle four years ago because she noticed she was gaining weight, was feeling run down and her skin was suffering - and she noticed a drastic difference when she started getting more shut eye.

Speaking to Perth Now, she said: ''I was feeling really run-down, putting on weight and my skin and hair looked dull. I realised my lifestyle would need a rejig if I was to achieve optimum wellness. Before, I was only sleeping four hours a night, running on adrenaline and burning out my adrenal glands. I went to bed earlier. When I was only sleeping four hours, I thought I was being productive, but I realised when I was well-rested I was able to do much, much more in those hours I had.''

And, although she has her hands full with her sons Aurelius, 15, and Arpad, 20, and juggling her career, Elle still finds time to do her ''morning ritual of meditation.''

She explained: ''I do my best to stick to my morning ritual of meditation and introspection wherever I am. It helps set the tone for the day and the routine is reassuring. For me, inspiration comes from a place of simply being. You need space and time for contemplation in this busy world to allow a download of ideas.''

And the blonde beauty swears by fresh air and regularly moving her body.

She said: ''Movement is a more modern way of looking at it. I like to be outdoors -- I'll go for a bike ride, surf or stand-up paddleboard. In the evenings I do yoga or take the dogs for a walk. I really encourage everyone who can to get outdoors.''