Elle Macpherson's new skincare routine helped her get back her youthful glow.

The 54-year-old supermodel turned wellness expert has admitted that although her new health and beauty routine has helped to smooth out her skin, she wishes she had paid closer attention to her body over the years.

In an interview with Vogue Australia, she said: ''I do wish I'd worn more sunblock. Or looked after my skin when I was younger, because it really shows now.''

Although Elle hadn't previously taken as much care of her skin, she now uses Invisible Zinc and an inferred sauna every day for an hour, in order to improve her complexion.

She said: ''That's been phenomenal for the quality of my skin and the capacity of my body to detox and really function well.''

The business woman recently launched her own beauty wellness company 'WelleCo', which is based around all natural products, as she believes the key to beauty is feeling good.

And Elle has detailed how her new diet plan has helped her in creating a healthy lifestyle.

She said: ''I started to lose weight, probably because my sugar cravings had subsided. My digestion improved. I felt more emotionally balanced. What I'd always thought were sunspots - actually, they were sugar spots - started to clear, and my skin looked tighter, dewier and plumper.''

The model now makes sure to eat ''whole natural foods''.

She added: ''[I eat] beautiful, whole, natural foods. For breakfast, I'll maybe have a soaked chia seed pudding that I make using almond milk with a little green stevia, some ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, and cinnamon.''

As part of her exercise routine, Elle loves water based sports and thinks it can be one of the most beneficial things for her health.

The beauty said: ''Go for a swim, go paddle boarding or water-skiing, or take the dogs for a walk ... walking in seawater is one of the best things I can do for my body.''