Elle Macpherson has a more ''gentle'' exercise routine these days.

The 45-year-old supermodel - who is married to Jeffrey Soffer and has sons Flynn, 20, and Cy, 15, with ex-boyfriend Arpad Busson - always tries to stay active wherever she is in the world, but doesn't push herself as hard as she used to.

She said: ''I have a much gentler routine now. I try to get outdoors and do some sport for 45 minutes every day; running is a great one.

''In New York, I love running in Central Park as it's so beautiful at any time of year. In Montauk, Andrea [Bux, business partner] and I jumped on our bikes and explored the peninsula. It's such a fun way to exercise - we chatted the whole way.''

Elle does her best to stay healthy on holiday and over the years has found dropping one meal and having a protein shake instead helps her to be ''balanced''.

She explained in her monthly column for Get the Gloss: ''I find different time zones and hotel food can throw me, so I usually replace a meal with a protein shake once a day to try and stay balanced.

''Then if I am out for dinner or a meal, I know I have already done something to nourish my body earlier in the day. I like to eat as cleanly as possible, it helps with my energy levels and adjusting to a new time zone.''

When she's on a plane, Elle constantly sips water in order to stay hydrated and has nourishing supplements to avoid jet lag.

She said: ''I always have The Super Elixir Alkalising Greens, £23, and Nourishing Protein, £28 travel packs: these are perfect to combat jet lag and a wonderful meal on-the-go.

''The first thing I do after I board is double dose my Alkalising Greens (I do this post-flight too) and drink three litres of water throughout the journey. I shake my greens up with icy-cold water or coconut water. This helps me avoid jet lag because my body has the nutrients it needs and it also ensures I have that extra boost of hydration.''