Elle Macpherson avoids jet lag by using a vitamin supplement instead of eating.

The 54-year-old supermodel takes Super Elixir -a highly specialised alkalising greens supplement - from her plant-based beauty range WelleCo, in order to look and feel ''fabulous'' after long-haul flights.

In an interview with Vogue Australia, when asked how to avoid jet lag, she said: ''I know this is going to sound really like a plug, but Super Elixir. I take two teaspoons of Super Elixir before I get on the plane.

''I take two teaspoons in water - in a litre of water on the plane. And I take two teaspoons when I get off. And I don't eat on the flight.

''I don't eat on the flight. I just drink Super Elixir and honestly, I arrived, I went straight into a board meeting yesterday and felt fabulous.

''Went out for dinner, slept. Got up this morning and I'm working all day and during the week.''

The product is packed full of vitamins and minerals which leave Elle feeling refreshed and the blonde beauty admitted the supplement was originally designed for her - but when she realised the positive effects, she wanted to ''share it with other women''.

She said: ''The product itself is formulated with very skilled scientists and nutritionists, who have combined the perfect ratios of vitamins and minerals, sourced in such a way that it maintains the integrity of the ingredients.

''And combined in a way that really suits the body. It was designed for me originally and we've tweaked the ingredients along the way.

''We found that it had such an incredible effect that I wanted to share it with other women. I never said, 'Oh, the wellness industry is the industry to be in, let me find something I can put my name to.' It was a protocol that I was using for myself.

''I shared it with a friend. We decided to build a business around it to help other women - and men.''