Elle Macpherson has a ''tradition'' of wearing white on New Year's Eve.

The 54-year-old model has opened up on her preparations for her New Year's Eve celebrations in a column for Get The Gloss, revealing she's developed a routine over the years.

Elle - who has kids Arpad, 20, and Aurelius, 15 - shared: ''I love spending New Year's Eve and Day with people who I want in my life all of the following year, and years to come - my kids, friends, family and loves. I often wear white, its become a sort of tradition for me.

''Usually, we are in the Bahamas and go to the local Junkanoo, a Bahamian procession with drums and costumes. It's musical, joyous, creative, earthy and authentic and one of my favourite ways to celebrate the new year. We don't play games but we do dance, although my kids say I should probably just watch at this stage!''

Elle also revealed what she plans to eat and drink on the evening of December 31.

She said: ''If I'm having friends over, I often prepare (vegan) cheese and nut plates, guacamole and fresh tuna tartar on gluten-free toast, alongside a great champagne or vodka-based cocktail.

''I don't drink alcohol so I stick to my favourite virgin cocktails, a mock mojito made of fresh lime, slices of ginger, soda, lots of ice and a little mint on top. I intersperse this with chilled glasses of elderflower water or a simple ginger ale on ice.

''If there's a meal, I aim to serve a vegan or vegetarian menu using fresh, local, organic seasonal produce, alongside beautifully prepared fish. Dessert is usually chocolate-based - preferably a dark chocolate mousse made with protein powder.''