Elle Macpherson admits being a mother isn't always ''pleasant''.

The supermodel raises sons Flynn, 14, and nine-year-old Cy - whose father is her former partner ARPAD BUSSON - and she says being tough on them is necessary, although it doesn't make her popular.

She said: ''My role as a parent is not the most pleasant one at times. I don't delegate that work so I get a lot of, 'I hate you, mum, you're the worst mother in the world because you're making me do homework when I don't have any.' I say, 'Cool, you're still sitting down for a little while and revising some of the more sticky subjects, or reading another chapter of your book, because a little a day goes a long way and avoids last-minute panic.'

''Then I get, 'But I don't need to, I don't have exams.' I say, 'I understand, so what did you do today?' Let's have a look at your books together and you can work out a plan for when you do have exams.' ''

However, Elle, 48, believes her tough stance ''pays off'' with her sons' school work.

She added: ''I am the worst mother in the world, apparently, but the boys' dedication pays off.''