Elle Macpherson's cheat meal is a ''Thai Curry''.

The 54-year-old supermodel is known for her toned and trim figure - even being nicknamed ''The Body'' during her early modelling years - and, although the blonde beauty likes to eat raw and healthy foods most of the time, she does like to treat herself with a calorific dish every once in a while.

She said: ''There's no guilt in my pleasure! I have lots of pleasures - dark chocolate, the occasional espresso, a Thai curry - but I don't feel guilty about them because I really love my mainstay diet too.

''I don't enjoy junk food and I don't like too much sugar any more.''

The Australian beauty launched her own line of premium supplements called WelleCo, which have become a cult classic diet staple around the world, and she credits her products for helping her ''fine tune'' her eating habits and ''cut out wheat and sugar'' so she can focus on feeling good.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar magazine, she explained: ''Coming up for summer what I try to cut out is wheat and sugar. If you love bread and butter, that would be what I'd give up for the summer. For me it's a 'fine tune' more than anything else. If I can encourage people to stay well all year, for example taking the Super Elixir [her super greens powder] every day, getting outdoors and breathing some fresh air, making sure you're getting enough sleep and drinking enough water - if you can just keep it really simple when it comes round to feeling good for summer it's easier because you have those strong building blocks already in place.''

And when the busy mum - who has Arpad, 20 and Aurelius, 15, with her ex-partner Arpad Busson - isn't working, she likes to take part in physical activities.

She said: ''I do sports like water skiing, running, cycling, swimming laps, snow skiing if it's winter, walking the dogs - I just love to be outdoors.''