The Ex's & Oh's hitmaker, who is the daughter of funnyman Rob Schneider, donned a vivacious gold and red fringed pant and bustier outfit with tassels, making her look a little like a stylist matador on the red carpet at the prizegiving, and she admits her feelings were more than a little hurt when she landed on E!'s fashion diss list for the night.

"I got 'Worst Dressed'. Isn’t that awful?" she tells People magazine. "How cool was my outfit? I'm sorry, have you seen any T-shirt or back pocket of any jeans on anyone that’s in country music? It’s like, thread and rhinestones and fringe. (It was very me) for the CMAs! I was upset."

Elle isn't a fan of the 'fashion police' at celebrity events, and admits she quickly rose above the disappointment of landing the worst-dressed title.

"I thought it was silly because I really loved my outfit," she explains. "I thought it was so (much) fun. I f**king rocked it. I had so much fun the whole night. And I look at the list of the other people (who also landed on the Worst Dressed list) and I thought they looked beautiful. So I think it’s kind of biased."

"But it doesn’t matter," she adds. "I didn’t need to win a Best Dressed (contest) because I won an award that night, so whatever."

Elle picked up a Musical Event of the Year trophy for her performance of Different for Girls with Dierks Bentley. She also performed at the bash with Bentley.