Elle King's split from her ex-husband Andrew Ferguson has provided inspiration for her second studio album.

The 'Ex's and Oh's' hitmaker broke up with her spouse after just 15 months in May last year, and the 29-year-old singer has revealed they are on such good terms now that she was able to send him the tracks about their arguments.

Revealing her writing sessions after their rows, Elle told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Sometimes, I'd be fighting with my family and with what I was going through. I'd be yelling on the phone and as soon as I hung up I'd start writing.

''It's important to say I'm just singing from my personal experience. I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm generalising.''

And on getting Andrew's seal of approval on the songs, she added: ''He has heard the new songs. One song in particular, I wanted him to hear it from me first.

''Afterwards, he said: 'That's rough! Good song, though.' We just want the best for each other.

''He texted me congratulations when 'Shame' came out.

''We're not as unhealthy as we used to be - and that's good.''

So far, the two-time Grammy-nominated star has dropped the lead single 'Shame' from her follow-up to her 2015 LP 'Love Stuff', which is yet to be named, and it's all about making fun of her ''deeper wilder side''.

She explained: ''I've always been a bad influence on my friends.

''I'm not malicious but I have a deeper wilder side than most people.

''I went through a lot last year, and 'Shame' is me trying to put a fun spin on being bad, having fun and hanging out with the wrong kids.''

Meanwhile, Elle, whose father is 'Saturday Night Live' star Rob Schneider, says she didn't want to use the 54-year-old comedian's fame to launch her music career and he's ''so proud'' of her for going it alone.

She told the London Evening Standard newspaper: ''I really care about earning things myself. I've played every empty bar, I played street corners until somebody heard me.

''I can stand here and truly say that I did this on my own and I earned this. My dad is so proud of me and he understands why I did what I did. I'm glad I did that.''

Elle's second album is due out in October.