Elle Fanning - who has played the daughter of Brad Pitt, Jeff Bridges and Sean Penn - said the actors are always surprised by how much she has grown when they run into each other in Hollywood.

Elle Fanning's movie fathers always comment on how tall she is.

The 12-year-old actress has played the daughter of Brad Pitt in 'Babel', Jeff Bridges in 'The Door in the Floor' and Sean Penn in 'I Am Sam' and they can't believe how much she has grown when they meet up.

She said: "At events and stuff, I see them sometimes. Whenever we see each other, they're like, "You've gotten so tall! The last time I saw you, you were tiny. That's always the first thing most of my [movie] dads say."

Despite appearing in two movies with Brad, Elle - whose older sister is Academy Award nominee Dakota Fanning - revealed she only met him once during filming.

She told Interview magazine: "I did 'Babel' with Brad Pitt, but I never had any scenes with him in that movie because he was in Morocco filming and I was in Mexico. But there was one day when we were working on the same day, in L.A., and I got to meet him, so that was really cool.

"We're like, 'We've been in two movies together, but we've never met each other!' Because we were both in 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button', too. He was really nice, though."