The Neon Demon star graduated from high school earlier this year (16), but as her peers are in the midst of prepping for campus life, she's memorising lines and spending her days on a film set instead.

"For this year, I'm not going (to university) at the moment because I’m starting a film and I don't think it would be fair," Elle explains to Entertainment Tonight. "I wouldn't really be there. If I went, I would want to kind of have the college experience."

Elle's decision is unlike her older sister Dakota's, who enroled into the prestigious New York University in 2011 and decided to continue shooting films throughout her time at school.

Meanwhile, Elle has a handful of movies in production, including crime drama Live by Night, which Ben Affleck wrote, directed and stars in.

The 18 year old tells ET she was left inspired watching the Argo star play so many roles on set, saying, "It’s insane because he wrote it and directed it and he’s starring in the movie... so you're acting with the director. It’s crazy. I would love to direct one day, so for me, seeing that, I mean, he's thinking like a mile-a-minute about everything. It’s pretty insane. So that was really, really cool to see."

Working with the latest big-screen Batman even gave Elle motivation to set her sights on a comic book role, insisting she'd take any leading lady superhero, saying, "Of course! That sounds so cool. I mean, there's so many good ones - Batgirl, Cat Woman... I would love it!"