Elle Fanning says Nicole Kidman gives her the best advice.

The 18-year-old actress has revealed some of the sweet words of support the 49-year-old star has given her.

She said: ''Nicole Kidman told me, 'Find your tribe and they'll always be behind you.' I like that.''

And the 'Neon Demon' star admits she is ''jealous'' of people who have a load of friends but still appreciates the three or four she does have as they are ''really close'' to her.

She added to the upcoming issue of ELLE magazine: ''I'm not someone that has a lot of friends. I see people who have many friends and get really jealous. I have a good core of three or four friends who are really close to me.''

Meanwhile, Elle previously admitted she didn't really have any good friends until she was nine-years-old.

She said: ''I had no friends - friends like, best friends. I'd never gone to a sleepover or anything, because you know, I was working ...

''I was socially reaching out. But it was definitely scary. Like, I didn't know the etiquette of school - about raising your hand, the schedule of it ... I really do [think that], honestly [I had a good childhood]. I wouldn't want it any other way. I've thought about it. It's so nice to already know that this is what I want to do for ever, and I'm so young.''

Elle also feels she has made a positive impression on friends of her older sister, Dakota.

She added: ''Dakota is friends with Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart is one of her best friends, too. Kristen was one of the friends I was never able to hang out with. I was like, not allowed. And then Kristen was like, 'It's ok. Elle is cool.'''