Elle Fanning and her older sister Dakota Fanning have a ''supportive'' bond.

The 20-year-old actress and her sister Dakota are both Hollywood superstars, but they have admitted there's no sibling rivalry when it comes to their careers, as 'Maleficent' star Elle says the pair feel ''very lucky'' to have someone close in the industry who understands what they're going through.

Elle said: ''We're very supportive of each other. I'm very lucky to have a family member who's in the business. She understands what it's like and what you're going through. So of course we talk about things and movies and, 'Oh, what are you about to go do?' And that's exciting, but there's other things to talk about.''

The 'Super 8' actress also revealed her 24-year-old sister knows her better than anyone else.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine: ''I would actually a little bit [describe myself as kooky]. I guess my sister would probably describe me as a free-spirited person. In the grocery store going down the aisles when I was a kid, I would be dancing and running and kind of care-free. So maybe in that way. I bounce off the energy around me.''

Meanwhile, 'Ocean's 8' star Dakota shared similar views on her relationship with her younger sister during an interview in January this year.

She said at the time: ''We don't talk about [our careers] that much. We have our separate relationship with what we do. We've never felt the need to get into it. We've had scenarios where we've gone to meet the same person [for a role] and it's totally fine. To us, we're so different.''

Dakota and Elle have no doubt leaning on each other over the past few weeks, as it was revealed in August that their parents, Heather and Steven Fanning, have finalised their divorce after 25 years of marriage.