Teen actress Elle Fanning forged a close bond with Francis Ford Coppola after they met on the set of Somewhere, and insists the legendary director is now like a grandfather to her.

The 14-year-old star was terrified when Somewhere director Sofia Coppola invited her filmmaker father to the shoot, and admits he was the most intimidating of the industry heavyweights she has met.

She tells Elle magazine, "I was on the set of Somewhere in Las Vegas when Sofia said, 'My dad's going to come to the set today!' I was like, 'Oh my God, Francis Ford Coppola's coming to the set'. I was very nervous to meet him."

The pair hit it off, and Fanning even lived with The Godfather director in California while shooting their 2011 movie Twixt.

She adds, "Now I feel like he's a grandpa to me. During Twixt, I stayed in Napa Valley with him. We made pasta, and he showed me how to prepare tomato sauce."